ArtSaturday: an art class for all ages July 15 2017

The children participating in Artudio’s weekly art classes try out watercolors as a medium to paint landscapes and the things that make it beautiful with artist Kailash K Shrestha as their mentor. Sausthav, Kalyan, Jashmin, Suyosha, Nripesh, Palpasha, Saumya, Nitya, Sophla, Nirupan and Srijana dharel participate in the class.


ArtSaturday July 1, 2017

Artudio’s regular Saturday Art Class #ArtSaturday is conducted at Swoyambhunath Temple on July 1, 2017.

Askha Shrestha, Bunu Dhungana, Jashmin Bajagain, Kalyan, Nitya, Nripesh, Suyosha, Sausthav, Palpasha, Agaman Poudel, ………… and Saumya took part in the class this week.

An art session is facilitated by contemporary artists Kailash K Shrestha and Krisha Tamrakar..

Visual documentation: Srijaya Shrestha/ Artudio

ArtSaturday June 24, 2017

ArtSaturday an art class for all ages is conducted at Artudio on June 201, 2017.

Askha Shrestha, Bunu Dhungana, Jashmin Bajagain, Kalyan, Lasata, Nitya, Nripesh, Subana, Suyosha, Sambhawee and Saumya took part in the class this week.

Art Class is facilitated by contemporary artist Kailash K Shrestha.



#ArtSaturday is celebrated with an outdoor drawing with contemporary artist Mr. Kailash K Shrestha and our participating Little Artists at Swoyambhunath. ArtSaturday is a Saturday Art Class for all age groups at Artudio on Every Saturdays from 8-10 am.