10 July, 2017 marking the ending of the 66th photography workshop

The 10 days long workshop comes to an end in what seems like an instant, with the participants being mentored by established photographers and artist throughout the workshop. The workshop wasn’t merely informative about the technicalities of photography but the participants were also shown that photography can act as an art medium that can be used for individual expression and awareness.

With each new working day the participants got to experiment with different forms of photography, assisted by the mentors who specialized in their own forms.

Mentors: Kailash K Shrestha (Visual artist), Karma Tshering (photographer/ Co-ordinator), Chemi Dorje (photographer), Bunu Dhungana (photographer), Pawan Joshi (fashion photographer)

Participants: Kabya Shrestha, Nikesh Shrestha,  Sushma Maharjan, Aniket Maharjan, Raju Dhungana, Subash Dharel, Dikshant Kumar Ranjitkar, Rojen Manandhar


ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages July 8, 2017

The children participating in Artudio’s weekly art classes try out watercolors as a medium to paint landscapes and come up with their individual abstract and colorful pieces. Agrani Thakuri Jha, Jasmine Kalyan, Nitya Adhikari, Suyosha Dhungel, Sambhawee Singh, and Saumya paritcipate in the class.

Also, during the time of the workshop the children present a handmade award and a certificate of “awesomeness” to their mentor and artist Kailash K Shrestha as a pre-Guru Purnima appreciation gift.

Medical students recieve community art lecture at Artudio

A group of medical students from the Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada, along with Professor Jill Allison participate in lecture with contemporary artist and Artudio founder Kailash K Shrestha, discussing about the interconnection between the social determinants and Art.
Their purpose for coming to Nepal was to experience and learn about the factors that can affect the health sector such as gender equity, access to education and healthcare , economic resources, environment and climate issues, along with rural vs urban living.
The students also spend a couple of weeks in Patan Hospital learning more specifically about health care in Nepal. 

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Photos by: Aryapranish Silwal

ArtSaturday July 1, 2017

Artudio’s regular Saturday Art Class #ArtSaturday is conducted at Swoyambhunath Temple on July 1, 2017.

Askha Shrestha, Bunu Dhungana, Jashmin Bajagain, Kalyan, Nitya, Nripesh, Suyosha, Sausthav, Palpasha, Agaman Poudel, ………… and Saumya took part in the class this week.

An art session is facilitated by contemporary artists Kailash K Shrestha and Krisha Tamrakar..

Visual documentation: Srijaya Shrestha/ Artudio

ArtSaturday June 24, 2017

ArtSaturday an art class for all ages is conducted at Artudio on June 201, 2017.

Askha Shrestha, Bunu Dhungana, Jashmin Bajagain, Kalyan, Lasata, Nitya, Nripesh, Subana, Suyosha, Sambhawee and Saumya took part in the class this week.

Art Class is facilitated by contemporary artist Kailash K Shrestha.