ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages August 19, 2017

Artudio’s ArtSaturday class is a platform where people of all ages get to experience the basics of the different art forms every weekend. With that they get to express their individuality using these very art techniques under the guidelines of the mentors along with enjoying themselves as they spend their time here.

The participants dirty their hands with clay sculpturing once again this weekend. Their theme today being “Hybrid” with all of the participants giving shape to their own unique ideas, the end result is really gratifying.

Guided by mentors: Kailash K Shrestha and Krisha Tamrakar.

Participants: Agya, Aaska, Nitya, Subana, Suyosha, Saumya, Sausthav, Sani and Samyam.


ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages August 12, 2017

The participants of this week’s ArtSaturday try their hands on clay for the first time. They get a chance to let their creative juices flow and make a 3D artwork of whatever pleases them and they have come up with their own unique pieces.

Participants: Aaska, Nitya, Kalyan, Sabbu, Jasmin and Bunu Dhungana

Mentor/s: Kailash K Shrestha


ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages August 5, 2017

The theme of this week’s ArtSaturday is “Express”, where the participants use dry pastels as a medium and correlate their feelings and moods with the different colors and patterns of their liking and express them on paper. This resulted in various artworks with different combinations of vibrant colors and/or patterns depicting the abstractness of individual emotion.

Participants: Aaska, Sausthav, Saumya, Jasmin, Suyosha, Kalyan and Ujwal

Mentors: Agrani Thakuri Jha and Kabya Shrestha


ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages July 29, 2017

The participants of Artudio’s weekly art classes try out pastel colors as a medium to draw their individual versions of Da Vinci’s famous art piece, ‘Mona Lisa’ this weekend. They have also used stencils in their artworks whereas a few of the participants have opted to learning perspective drawing.

Participants :Suyosha, Sophia, Shambhawee, Utsaha, Aaska and Srijana                   Mentors: Kailash K Shrestha and Krisha Tamrakar

Visual documentation: Srijaya Shrestha and Agrani Thakuri Jha.

Farewell to Our Intern Aryapranish Silwal

We feel really happy to have Aryapranish Silwal in our family as an intern in last December 2016. He has spent more than six months with us and became a part of several art projects. He is very sincere, punctual, hardworking and inquisitive person.

Arya is flying to US to carry his study further for five years  so we wish him every success in his life and career.

Photos by: Agrani Thakuri Jha, Rakesh Sayami and Nikesh Shrestha

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The BFA Exhibition Project comes to an end July 25, 2017


The annual BFA exhibition project featuring the works of the students of Kathmandu University School of Arts, Centre for Art and Design which lasted for 5 days from 20th July will come to an end today. The exhibition was held in Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal, Kathamandu.

The names of the artists participating in the exhibition are as follows:

Graphic Communication : Alina Manandhar, Bishesta Dhakhwa, Jyoti Shrestha, Noonisha Singh, Sambhaw Maharjan, Shreya Shrestha

Studio Art : Barsat J. Karki, Kanchan Tamang, Nilam Bhurtel, Pushpa Parajuli, Rajkumar Rai, Raja Maharjan, Sarala Manandhar, Yunisha Shrestha

Documentation: Artudio


ArtSaturday: an art class for all ages July 15 2017

The children participating in Artudio’s weekly art classes try out watercolors as a medium to paint landscapes and the things that make it beautiful with artist Kailash K Shrestha as their mentor. Sausthav, Kalyan, Jashmin, Suyosha, Nripesh, Palpasha, Saumya, Nitya, Sophla, Nirupan and Srijana dharel participate in the class.