ARTsaturday June 22, 2019

ARTsaturday is a weekend studio art session/ art class  for all ages by Artudio

here are the visual glimpses of June 22, 2019 session.



Little Picasso Vol. 13: Spring Art Camp 2019

Little Picasso Vol. 13 is a special bi-annual art camp for children at Artudio. it is a platform for kids to actualize their observations, imaginations and emotions through creative processes. The camp engages children in various art forms to help them blend their creative imaginations with diverse materials. It also provides opportunities to learn from and collaborate with renowned contemporary artists and designers of Nepal.


31st Mar – 9 Apr, 2019

For age 3 -7 years ( 8-10 AM )
For age 8-16 years ( 11 AM- 2 PM )

No of participants who can enroll are – 12 for junior group & senior group

Please book your seat as soon as possible.

Total 10 Days Fee: 6500/- including all the materials
10% scholarship for all the participants who have already taken part in our previous workshops/camps/classes etc).
ONLINE REGISTRATION:…/1FAIpQLSdgquV41o1hTfO5f…/viewform…
CONTACT: 9823490390
(Please get your 2 passport size photos for admission)

For more details:

Kathalaya Nepal has come on board as our supporting partner from 12th Volume of Little Picasso.

Design by: Krisha Tamrakar/ Kirimiri

Contemporary Artist Kailash K Shrestha gives an art talk at Toastmaster Sangri-la

Contemporary Artist and Founder of Artudio gives an art talk at Toastmaster Sangri-la.

Visual Documentation: Rahul Maharjan/ Artudio

ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages August 19, 2017

Artudio’s ArtSaturday class is a platform where people of all ages get to experience the basics of the different art forms every weekend. With that they get to express their individuality using these very art techniques under the guidelines of the mentors along with enjoying themselves as they spend their time here.

The participants dirty their hands with clay sculpturing once again this weekend. Their theme today being “Hybrid” with all of the participants giving shape to their own unique ideas, the end result is really gratifying.

Guided by mentors: Kailash K Shrestha and Krisha Tamrakar.

Participants: Agya, Aaska, Nitya, Subana, Suyosha, Saumya, Sausthav, Sani and Samyam.

ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages August 12, 2017

The participants of this week’s ArtSaturday try their hands on clay for the first time. They get a chance to let their creative juices flow and make a 3D artwork of whatever pleases them and they have come up with their own unique pieces.

Participants: Aaska, Nitya, Kalyan, Sabbu, Jasmin and Bunu Dhungana

Mentor/s: Kailash K Shrestha


ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages August 5, 2017

The theme of this week’s ArtSaturday is “Express”, where the participants use dry pastels as a medium and correlate their feelings and moods with the different colors and patterns of their liking and express them on paper. This resulted in various artworks with different combinations of vibrant colors and/or patterns depicting the abstractness of individual emotion.

Participants: Aaska, Sausthav, Saumya, Jasmin, Suyosha, Kalyan and Ujwal

Mentors: Agrani Thakuri Jha and Kabya Shrestha


ArtSaturday; an art class for all ages July 29, 2017

The participants of Artudio’s weekly art classes try out pastel colors as a medium to draw their individual versions of Da Vinci’s famous art piece, ‘Mona Lisa’ this weekend. They have also used stencils in their artworks whereas a few of the participants have opted to learning perspective drawing.

Participants :Suyosha, Sophia, Shambhawee, Utsaha, Aaska and Srijana                   Mentors: Kailash K Shrestha and Krisha Tamrakar

Visual documentation: Srijaya Shrestha and Agrani Thakuri Jha.